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YOUNIQX Identity, a subsidiary of the Austrian Government Printing Office, Launches a Standalone Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrency. The device, dubbed the Chainlock, is designed to help investors move away from vulnerable online services, the use of which is associated with threats. According to the developers, the extended protection generation system.. The wallet can be controlled with a computer, but it is protected from unauthorized access via the Internet, Wi-Fi and NFC. Malicious software like CryptoLocker isn’t dangerous either. Some fraud protection features are similar to those used in new-format passports and paper money with micro-printing on different sides, hologram, patterns visible only in IR and UV light and other elements. The chain lock is shaped like a regular plastic card and is heat and water resistant. YOUNIQX Identity will distribute it through partners in Europe and in Singapore at a price of 60 euros. Per calculation loss of funds is used…

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