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‘Flying taxi’ tested on the Seine river in Paris Swedish company Seabubbles started testing in Paris a new version of the water taxi in the form of a capsule. Test drives on white electric boats with oval-shaped hydrofoils that look like tiny spaceships.. The advantages of using it are that it works silently, does not pollute the environment and the environment.., and does not cause the formation of waves when moving. The tested Seabubble can accommodate four passengers. The use by local authorities will approve their use then the water taxi will be available through regular local applications calling a taxi, renting a bike or renting other transport. In addition to the French capital, the company will launch commercial water taxi options and other cities from next year… Paris actively implements into infrastructure innovative solutions, which make the life of citizens more comfortable. For example, in suburb Villeneuve-le-Roy is testing a radar system that can accurately detect loud vehicles…

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