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BMW Motorrad demonstrates an unmanned motorcycle model it has worked on for over two years. The prototype without a driver can independently start, accelerate, brake and even lean around corners. However, for now, one can not hope for the emergence of an unmanned novelty on the streets. Company representatives for the implementation of new security features.. The enhanced R1200GS helps researchers learn more about driving dynamics and better classify driver behavior to determine the level of danger in a particular situation. In case of a threat, the system will warn the person or intervene on its own. This will help inattentive riders avoid an accident.. From BMW, Volvo is not only testing autonomous systems, but also making the ride as comfortable as possible. Therefore, in its conceptual model of an unmanned electric vehicle 360c decided to add a modular interior with a berth. text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Sherman Young / Unsplash,…

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