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Refraction unveils a small, unmanned delivery vehicle designed to move primarily along cycle paths. REV-1 developed by a professor at the University of Michigan Matthew Johnson-Roberson is a three-wheeled vehicle that intermediate between cooler-sized sidewalk robots and road vans. With a body width of about 80 cm, it is quite nimble, lightweight and low-power, therefore equates to an e-bike and fits neatly on a bike path or road. At a cost of about $ 5,000, REV-1 is much cheaper than its larger counterparts. Refraction also teaches the device navigate in rainy and snowy weather, which is a problem for competitors. Despite the advantages of the development, the appearance of the robot can cause excitement on the part of cyclists, and poses a potential threat to the safety of their movement. However, engineers say these fears are unfounded and hope they provide a chance to bring their product to market and realize its potential..…

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