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LedgerX Announces Launch of Volatility Index (LXVX) for Expected Fluctuations in Bitcoin Market.. The source for becoming are their own regulated platforms BTC options, last year they traded on various platforms. According to LedgerX’s guide, LXVX is like an index fear Cboe (VIX), a known indicator expected fluctuations in the stock market. The tool should help cryptocurrency traders and investors assess risks in the asset management process. LXVX declined 20% in 2018 and reached 68 by the end of the year, which is still three times higher than in the stock market, but it also indicates a decrease in fear and uncertainty. So far, the product is not a commodity, but it may become so in the future. The new LedgerX tool has been available to customers for several months, and is now open for use on the company’s official website. Despite their significant speculative nature, cryptocurrencies are one of the ways to…

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