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Humanity has long benefited enormously from space technologies, especially in the field of communications, navigation, atmospheric and subsoil observation. However, their further development can bring us much more benefit.. Positive impact today Over the past 60 years, more than 8100 have been launched into Earth’s orbit, 135 spacecraft have been sent to the Moon and the ISS has been built. Each of these projects is worth millions of dollars. The use of space technology, important tasks in our daily life, affecting government, industry and personal decisions.. Accurate weather forecasting using orbital systems saves thousands of lives every year by alerting people to natural disasters. Land monitoring provides us with useful information for efficient farming, fisheries and forestry management, and monitoring harmful activities and pollution… 5 Space Technologies that Will Amaze You Space communication capabilities Positive for all aspects of civilization. Satellite technology has already revolutionized banking, finance, telecommunications, making international…

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