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Samsung specialists presented a new invention to the world. — smart wardrobe that will independently take care of the condition of the clothes. At a press conference in Seoul, Samsung representatives spoke about the possibilities of their Air Dresser invention. A smart wardrobe will fully service the clothes: clean them from dust, ventilate and even dry them. Special storage conditions minimize the risks to clothes due to large accumulations of dust.. A smart cabinet will create efficient air circulation. Thanks to the scent of post-filtration technology, the annoying problem will become a thing of the past. Additional clothing is sterilized, an instruction whereby germs and viruses cannot survive in a smart wardrobe. Samsung AirDresser: Smart Clothes Cleaner + Sanitiser! Air Dresser connects to SmartThings, Samsung’s Internet of Things platform, allowing users to choose the best control mode. Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO Noted: «Air Dresser is our highest achievement in IoT.». The…

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