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International Research Team Successfully Tests Key Technology to Create Next-Generation High-Energy Particle Accelerator. Particle accelerators are used to identify materials in colliders, chemical structures, cancer treatments, and the fabrication of silicon microchips. Until now, they have been accelerated by protons, electrons and ions.., which will make it possible to obtain the energy of colliding particles ten times greater than in the Large Hadron Collider. To do this, first shoot a beam of protons at the target., from which they break into fragments, among which there are muons. Further their separated from other particles and passed through a series of magnetic lenses. However, the collected muons form a scattered cloud, so they will collide with each other when accelerating and cause interesting physical phenomena, remain low. For reduce cloud diffusion a process called beam cooling is used, which involves the approach of muons and movement in the same direction. The problem is that, until now, magnetic lenses…

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