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Scientists have made a breakthrough in cryogenic rocket engine technology that can increase operating time from a few hours to 30 days. Most rockets can be in orbit for only a few minutes or hours. Although cryogenic engines are designed to works at extremely low temperatures, but in the process of their fuel quickly evaporates, and due to weak gravity begins to mix with exhaust gases. Scientists at the PRC Rocket Technology Research Institute have developed two insulation materials that minimize these losses. We Reached The Next Mind Blowing Era of Ion Engine Propulsion One of them consists mainly of polyurethane foam, which increases its insulating capacity by more than 50% compared to traditional foams. Another uses multi-layer insulation with varying density, making it 18% more efficient than those used.. Tests show that the combination of these two materials reduces daily cryogenic fuel losses by up to 0.5%. This will ensure its long-term…

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