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Almost 90% of cryptocurrency exchanges report inaccurate data on their trading volumes, according to research by the analytical platform The Tie… As a result of the analysis of data collected from 97 trading platforms, it was found that most of the reported user transactions do not exist. Researchers concluded that the trading volumes of 87% of crypto exchanges are in doubt, and some kind of suspicious activity was traded on 75% of the exchanges.. South Korea’s Bitcoin Exchanges Had More Trading Volume Than Stock Exchanges! What A Moment For BTC! Darkside of The Exchange. Fake Volume, Wash Trades. Who Can You Trust? Analysts studied the activities of the largest platforms such as Binance or OKEx, and less well-known. According to The Tie, if the top 100 marketplaces expected real performance, then their total the average daily volume would be $ 2.1 billion, and now this figure reaches $ 15.9 billion.Similar accusations were…

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