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The head of the Central Bank and Monetary Authority (MAS) of Singapore, Ravi Menon, announced that he intends to establish relations between banks and cryptocurrency companies. Chris Giancarlo Interview – Digital Dollar CBDC – Gary Gensler & Howey Test 2.0 & Crypto Regulations During the interview, he said that the developed legal framework for the regulation of the cryptoindustry. This will require bringing representatives of banks and startups together to discuss trade-offs for their cooperation. Ravi Menon added that this type of business has a number of specific opportunities, such classic financial institutions may have to find new ways to determine the integrity of customers.. Over the years, Singapore has formed a fairly recent favorable climate for the activities of fintech companies, and official representatives support blockchain technologies and the functioning of cryptocurrencies. This attitude towards that moment of the year in the current system of jurisdiction had more ICOs…

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