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The financial monitoring service of electronic currencies BestChange.ru was repressed by Roskomnadzor. BestChange.com, a search portal for cryptocurrency exchangers, was blocked on the basis of a court decision for  “dissemination of information about bitcoin, which is a monetary surrogate”. Roskomnadzor in its decision is based on the decision of the Kuibyshevsky district city of Omsk dated July 24, 2018, according to which cryptocurrencies are recognized as an opaque means of financial payments that can be used to hide tax financing and the financing of global terrorism. Earlier, a similar prosecutor’s claim was already the subject of a trial in court. In May 2017, the Oktyabrsky Court of St. Petersburg ruled to block BestChange.ru and 39 other online exchangers at the suit of the city prosecutor’s office, guided by similar arguments. After an appeal against a judicial act in February 2018, the St. Petersburg City Court overturned the decision as illegal…

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