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Researchers have developed a technology for the production of diamonds from nanosized carbon particles under normal pressure and ambient temperature.. Make Your Own Diamonds! | Earth Lab In nature, such crystals are formed in the bowels of the earth under the influence of high pressure and temperature… Recently, a group of researchers from the University of North Carolina used an alternative technique. It involves the action of a laser beam on carbon nanofibers, which in just 100 nanoseconds heats up to 3727 °C and instantly melt. Such an amount of energy enough to evaporate the material, to prevent this, used a plastic, glass or sapphire substrate to limit heat and stop the phase change. Next, the molten metal is rapidly cooled to crystallize into diamond.. The image on the left shows a carbon nanorod before laser irradiation, and on the right has already been turned into a diamond fiber.. Using this technology,…

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