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Blockchain Expert and Minister of Information of the World’s First Decentralized State Built on Blockchain Decenturion Nikolay Evdokimov believes that an investor can quickly assess any block-startup by analyzing the main aspects of its activities. The most important issue is the legal component, since the distribution of risks depends on the future of the startup, tokens and all contributors… Evdokimov believes that a kind «homework» according to estimates, every potential investor can and should do. This is about three tests: test for «similarity» (family resemblance), test for «venture capital» (risk capital) and the Howey Test conducted by US regulators. These tests are not applied, but as few markets can match the size and liquidity of the American one, startups planning ICOs in other countries try to adhere to the criteria laid down in these tests.. In particular, the investor should make sure that the project does not support future earnings,…

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