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Swedish automaker Scania unveils a prototype of an unmanned mining truck without a cab. Existing models of autonomous trucks are still there for the driver to take over as needed. However, the Swedes have developed a next-generation mining truck concept calculated exclusively for autonomous movement. Scania AXL tells him the external logistics system where to go and what to do. It runs on biofuels and uses cameras, radars, laser beams, GPS and LiDAR to navigate the world around it. A special luminous strip is installed on the body around the entire car, with the help of which the truck signals that it has detected people or objects that are excluded. This is done to reassure others that the dump truck sees them and does not load on them.. The World’s first fully autonomous dump truck leaving Minexpo 2016 So far, this is only a concept, but the company says it is…

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