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AltaRock Energy is testing new drilling in which rocks are destroyed by directed microwave radiation. Halliburton’s New iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System A huge reserve of thermal energy is hidden in the bowels, 0.1% of which is enough for the needs of the Earth of mankind for 2 billion years. However, modern drilling methods do not cope well with tight rocks and high pressures, and some can even provoke an earthquake. These projects do not allow opening more than 3 km due to technical and financial problems.. Why do we drill directional wells? Earlier, a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed to abandon mechanical stress and melt minerals using millimeter waves. AltaRock Energy engineers took this idea as a basis and developed a new setup that uses a 1 MW gyrotron to generate microwave radiation with a field of 30 to 300 GHz… The technology provides…

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