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Bitcoin Is Being Adopted At The Rate Of Over 300,000 New Wallet Per Month (The Cryptoverse #168) There has been a decline in the price of bitcoin futures since the opening by a trader in the futures options market – the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Immediately after the opening of the trading session, the price of bitcoin futures, which expire in January 2018, jumped to $ 20,800, currently slipping to $ 18,800. Contracts valid through February, March and June 2018 are still trading for $ 20,000. With Bitcoin’s current price of $ 18,500, Wall Street still seems to be optimistic. Mainstream media like to define trading as “pessimistic” or “pyramid”. The Telegraph wrote about the fall in quotes, using the headline “The rate is falling, investors are pessimistic.” This is despite the fact that the 4% depreciation is a drop in the sea of ​​cryptocurrency.. The BBC announced the opening…

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