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Gennady Nikolaev, an expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment Management, shared with BitCryptoNews his vision of the future prospects of the cryptocurrency market and a forecast of the next changes in the bitcoin rate. IS IT TOO LATE TO INVEST IN BITCOIN? Path to $500K BTC explained Pending halvinga According to the expert, there are no prerequisites for a significant increase in the value of bitcoin. Since 2018, there has been a clear downtrend, a fundamental picture of a further drop in the exchange rate to the level of the end of last year 7000-7500 dollars. For BTC, the first two weeks of 2020 were the most successful in the last 8 years: quotes jumped 25%, but soon after that the growth rate slowed down, and by the end of January, the main cryptocurrency added about 34%. Analysts: Ethereum (+ 39%), XRP (+ 25%), Bitcoin Cash (+ 85%), Litecoin (+…

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