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It so happened that the initial placement is used exclusively by cryptocurrencies, but now the idea of ​​many startups launching ICOs clearly does not fit into the framework «classic» blockchain projects. Increases the volume of services offered, designed for future promising prospects. Therefore, we decided to consider original projects, their investment attractiveness, the reasons for choosing such a fundraising. Why non-cryptocurrency companies conduct their ICOs? Now, many projects that launch ICOs do not even plan to create a blockchain platform or a new payment system. In some cases, the feasibility of tokenization is questionable.. Artem Gurevich, executive director of the Sibcoin Foundation, believes that due to the fact that cryptocurrencies began to be produced, projects appear that artificially made up the need for tokens, but this did not bother the market, since there was general euphoria. In the wake of the hype, ICOs were held even for the real sector,…

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