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Improve Operator Efficiency – Manufacturing Researchers have developed a new way to improve the efficiency of ultra-thin sheets of catalysts used to produce chemicals and electricity in fuel cells.. Materials are susceptible to surface deformation and destruction due to symmetry breaking in their crystal structure. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have developed technology to make these crystals ultra-thin.. Team manipulated the deformation of the elements, silicone grids are incredibly thin, as a result of which they become more pliable. This can be compared to how one sheet is folded much easier than a whole stack. By adjusting the thickness of the material, the scientists were able to create tension that alters its properties, including how the molecules stick together. This helps to speed up the flow of desired surface effects.. According to chemists, they are the method increases activity 10-20 times, while requiring 90% less precious metals than catalysts. One example of…

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