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As planned, the system-wide updates Ethereum Constantinople and St. Petersburg were activated at block 7280000. The sixth and seventh hard forks were successful, but so far not all Geth and Parity nodes have switched to the new version. However, unlike 2016, after such no changes detected no branch circuits.. Due to flaws in the protocol of innovations Constantinople, the date of its launch was postponed twice. After the discovery of a serious vulnerability in EIP 1283, the developers accepted solution to disable its major renovation named St. Petersburg. Operators and miners have pre-installed clients that automatically run after the block is installed, so users will not face any problems. However, new features are available to them that improve the operation of the network and smart contracts… Earlier, the growth rates of Ethereum outstripped those of other coins, which indicated its support by the market and the presence of speculative manipulation in anticipation of a…

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