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Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams At the International Exhibition «Road 2019» research Center «Gazprom Neft» introduced the rules for bituminous material, which increases the life cycle of the road by 3-4 years. To achieve such indicators for specialists «Gazprom Neft» succeeded by developing a new composition capable of penetrating cracks. The new material binds the components of the asphalt concrete mixture, forming a protective layer on the road surface.  International experts name Gazprom Neft’s Novy Port project as the best in the oil and gas industry The protective and restorative composition lays down on the road with the help of a mobile mechanized complex. The coating has already been tested on the roads of the Smolensk and Leningrad regions, as well as St. Petersburg. The technology is expected to work on all Russian roads. Ready  the material is transported in clovertainers, special cuboid containers. Such packaging is convenient…

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