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Recompose will open the world’s first funeral home in Seattle, in which, instead of cremation or burial, the dead will be turned into soil in a special chamber in a month. Washington approved project.. Pre-poured flooring made from chopped wood, alfalfa grass and hay. In this form, they are placed in hexagonal capsules, in which the temperature of the corpse is regulated… The created conditions for the tissues of the body’s natural decomposition by bacteria in 4-7 weeks. After that, the deceased is returned to relatives in the form of compost.. You Can Now Compost Human Bodies in This U.S. State | NowThis According to funeral director Katrina Spade, this method of burial in the atmosphere has less carbon dioxide compared to cremation and traditional burial rituals. Composting also does not use embalming substances that can get into the soil and pollute groundwater.. The company plans to start operations in…

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