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Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange in the morning withdrew about 190 million in bitcoins and ether from their cold wallets on third-party addresses. This happened during an investigation into the illegal use of Tether’s reserves to cover a loss of $ 850 million.. Today, Bitfinex and Tether, which have one owner, denied the New York attorney general’s accusation of covering the shortfall with stablecoin assets. However, analysts show that over the past 12 hours, the cryptocurrency exchange’s wallet balance has decreased by 17,250 BTC ($ 91 million) and 633,300 ETH ($ 99 million). In addition, some of the other coins were moved in an unknown direction.. Bitfinex representatives did not publicly explain the reason for such a large movement in the value of the currency. This raised even more suspicion on the part of risk factors and negatively affected the crypto market.. Bitfinex claims that the defective funds are in third-party status, but…

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