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Cryptocurrency division of the financial rating agency Weiss Ratings has published an annual report on new trends in the digital asset market.. Study based on an analysis of the opportunities and demand for 120 cryptocurrencies. The most promising asset was recognized XRP Ripple, since today the project is the main competitor to the global payment network for interbank transfers SWIFT. This is followed by EOS, which is in the top five in terms of total capitalization and challenges Ethereum as bases of the new Internet. Bitcoin (BTC) was awarded the third position because, thanks to the development of the Lightning Network, it is becoming the best way of saving for investors. All three coins received an A grade. The fourth position is taken by Ethereum (ETH) with the A- mark, being the most popular smart contract platform, but it faced scaling problems. In fifth place is Cardano (ADA) with B + due to progressive…

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