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Mutant Bacterial Enzyme Discovered That Can Degrade Plastics In Hours! Researchers have found a bacterial enzyme in a pile of compost leaves that breaks down recyclable constituent chemicals in plastic bottles in a few steps. One of the options for solving the problem of pollution of the planet with plastic waste is their recycling. However, new processing technologies make it possible to obtain products that are suitable only for creating items of clothing and carpeting. Therefore, experts from the University of Toulouse started looking for more effective solutions.. In the course of the study, they multiorganized 100,000 microorganisms, which found the candidate in the compost from the leaves. After isolating and studying the properties of the secreted enzyme, to increase the efficiency of breaking down the plastic from which the beverage bottles are made. They also made it stable at 72 °FROM – optimal decomposition temperature. Researchers used an optimized enzyme…

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