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South Korean government held a meeting with private companies.. On April 17, Ko Yun Chol, 2nd Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance, held a conference on the issue, inviting a number of industry experts. During the conversation, he pointed out the need for the development of the blockchain at the national level and promised support from the government.. The industry is projected to grow more than 80% annually over the next few years, providing a competitive edge to countries moving in this direction.. Therefore, in the next 2-3 years, South Korea intends to reduce the technological gap with the United States, China and the EU, while it is still not too great. The second vice minister named this period «golden time» to find a niche. How Blockchain Can Fight Pandemics. Billionaire Tim Draper Bullish on ICON ICX? | iconTV He added that the authorities should take an active part in…

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