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A 20-year-old American student was recently arrested who hacked the SIM cards of 40 cryptoinvestors and stole about $ 5 million in currency.. Joel Ortiz accessed private data at the New York Consensus conference by duplicating the SIM cards of those present. Further, he believes that to fix the victim’s phone number on a new card controlled by the hacker. After that, he got access to trading accounts. In most cases, two-factor authentication was not enough because it bypassed this protection too. One of the investors attending the conference thus lost $ 1.5 million in cryptocurrency.. A leftest student stole a hat and have paid the price for stealing A college student was only recently arrested at the airport when he wanted to leave the country. 28 charges were brought against him, including hacking, theft of personal data and funds on a large scale. After the arrest, Joel Ortiz confessed…

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