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A new type of very thin and strong adhesive tape has been created, which is made of films covered with carbon fibers, therefore it remains adhesive at extreme temperatures and practically does not even leave marks.. In hot or cold conditions, ordinary scotch tape loses its properties and leaves characteristic marks on the surface..  People who live in northern latitudes or near the equator inevitably face this. This team of scientists from the American Chemical Society uses a new type of adhesive tape that works over a wide range of temperatures… To do this, they formed an inner surface of parallel multilayer carbon nanotubes. The resulting double-sided tape can adhere to surfaces by means of der Waals forces, which provide weak electrical forces between closely spaced atoms or molecules. Like a gecko on glass. Backgrinding and Wafer Processing with Novel Temporary Bonding Solutions Webinar Ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and flexible tape outperforms…

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