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Maduro continues «drown» Venezuela: economic reform only aggravated the situation in the country. 🇻🇪 Can Venezuela recover from its financial crisis? | Inside Story Just one day after the historic devaluation in Venezuela, which «chopped off» 5 zeros from the currency at once, the country has become a real economic chaos. «Partner» new bolivar — cryptocurrency el petro also failed to stabilize the situation. Venezuela’s currency crisis explained Since its inception, the coin has been banned by the US. All Maduro’s attempts to bring her out are ultimately failures: no one wants to use «candy wrappers» instead of proven financial instruments. The criticality of the level of trust was proved by what happened between Venezuela and India: the countries agreed on the terms of oil exports, Maduro used a 30% discount, provided that the purchase was made in el petro, to which the Indian authorities gave a negative response.. Today,…

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